The International Show Horse Magazine, established in 2003, caters to all show breeds, American Saddlers, Friesians, Hackneys, Miniatures, Boerperd and Morgans.


In-Depth show reporting, researched features, bloodline analysis combined with Equestrian Lifestyle Features make this The Premier International Show Horse Magazine, collected and treasures by readers, it is a must have for any Show Horse Enthusiast.


Hard Copy available in USA, South Africa and Namibia.

In the latest issue:

International Show Horse Magazine Summer 2019




Junior Exhibitor Spotlight - Nissa Sultan

Junior Exhibitor Spotlight - Sam Swiger

Junior Exhibitor Spotlight - Olivia Horan

Meet Cailin Lee Bridges

Amateur Spotlight - Lisa Holt

Amateur Spotlight - Susan Swope

Amateur Spotlight - Jim & Kay Harrell

Amateur Spotlight - Zoe Schaffel

Amateur Spotlight - Michelle Springlemeyer



Cooking for a Crown... And for you. - Rachel A. Seifert

Richard Cicero Jr.: Back in the buggy. - Deveau Zubrod Kreitzer

Famesgate Stables: Katy Sterba - Deveau Zubrod Kreitzer

Top Ten List of Tips and Tricks for Show Day - Amanda O’Keefe Murchison -

A Star is Born - Cobus Ackermann

South African National Championships

Saddlebred Musuem Must Haves

Ribbon To Ribbon

U.S. Saddle Seat Young Riders Team Sweeps Gold

Master Class - In Memoriam

Double Exposure